Just For The

Kasko, Basel

Contribution to the project Eriazo — art practices from residual space — by Cristián Valenzuela and Louise Mestrallet in collaboration with Simon Wunderlich

Food has always been an important element in our projects. Every time we would plan an event we made sure there would be a moment to share food, as a way to bring care and set up different ways to meet, exchange and share knowledge. We collaborated many times with our friends and peers Cristián Valenzuela and Louise Mestrallet, who also consider food as an important part of their work, whom we invited to prepare delicious food tables.

This time, Cristián and Louise invited us to contribute in an event they were organizing in Basel, and we decided to answer their proposition by doing something around what had been a strong bound between us: food.

We took this opportunity to think about preparing food as a metaphor for what we have been busy with from the start, and our current whish to share our tools. It was a way for us to work on the idea of “recipe” as a tool that be shared, that people can use in a collaborative way, that one can edit, modify and bring their own knowledge and experiences to. We started exploring how we could transmit some of the things we learned with our collective and prepared a recipe that was both a tool for building a collective like ours, and a protocole to prepare a big meal with many people.