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Présentation par Loraine Furter – Université des Femmes janvier 2017 – avec Laurence Rassel

“Mesdames et Messoeurs,
Bienvenue sur le plus hybride des espaces de travail que cette planète ait jamais engendré! Le mot Hybride a deux significations: d’abord, la batardisation des genres, leur immixtion sexuelles, l’interpénétration de leurs essences, leur croisement génétique, leur métissage actif. Deuxièmement: être arrogant, outrancié, osé, impertinent, intrépide. En deux mots, soyez audacieuses dans le mélange des genres et des gens.”

Ulrike Bergermann, “Do X”, Cyberfeminisme, Constant vzw, 2001.
Cyberfeminisme, Constant vzw, 2001.
Lynn Randolph, illustration pour la couverture du livre de Donna Haraway “Simians, Cyborgs and Women”, 1991.

“She recommended blasphemy, irony and humor as the means toward a comprehensive subversion of the cultural practices surrounding science, technology, and socialist-feminism as she dismantled and reassembled their codes. She offered pleasure, pleasure in becoming competent in the use of new techno-scientific tools and the opportunities they presented.”

Lynn Randolph, Modest Witness, A Painter's Collaboration with Donna Haraway
“A Cyborg Manifesto”, Donna Haraway, 1991.
VNS Matrix, Postcard, Australie, 1994.
VNS Matrix, A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century, Australie, 1991.
“Cyberfeminism was about ideas, irony, appropriation and hands-on skilling-up in the data terrain. It combined a utopic vision of corrupting patriarchy with an unbounded enthusiasm for the new tools of technology. It embraced gender and identity politics, allowing fluid and non-gendered identities to flourish through the digital medium”
Julianne Pierce de VNS Matrix, Info Heavy Cyber Baby, 1998
“Cyberfeminism with a difference”, Rosi Braidotti, 1996.

cyberfeminism is not …

“100 Anti-Theses”: définition collaborative, conférence Cyberfeminist International, Documenta X Kassel, Allemagne, 1997.

cyberfeminism is not ...

1. cyberfeminism is not a fragrance
2. cyberfeminism is not a fashion statement
3. sajbrfeminizm nije usamljen
4. cyberfeminism is not ideology
5. cyberfeminism nije aseksualan
6. cyberfeminism is not boring
7. cyberfeminism ist kein gruenes haekeldeckchen
8. cyberfeminism ist kein leerer kuehlschrank
9. cyberfeminism ist keine theorie
10. cyberfeminism ist keine praxis
11. cyberfeminism ist keine traditio
12. cyberfeminism is not an institution
13. cyberfeminism is notusing words without any knowledge of numbers
14. cyberfeminism is not complete
15. cyberfeminism is not error 101
16. cyberfeminism ist kein fehler
17. cyberfeminism ist keine kunst
18. cyberfeminism is not an ism
19. cyberfeminism is not anti-male
20. sajbrfeminizm nige nesto sto znam da je
21. cyberfeminism is not a structure
22. cyberfeminismo no es uns frontera
23. cyberfeminism nije poslusan
24. cyberfeminism nije apolitican
25. cyberfeminisme is niet concreet
26. cyberfeminism is not separatism
27. cyberfeminism is not a tradition
28. cyberfeminism is not maternalistic
29. cyberfeminisme id niet iets buitenlands
30. cyberfeminism is not without connectivity
31. cyberfeminismus ist nicht mehr wegzudenken
32. cyberfeminismus ist kein oxymoron
33. cyberfeminism is not on sale
34. cyberfeminism is nor for sale
35. cyberfeminismus ist nicht gut
36. cyberfeminismus ist nicht schlecht
37. cyberfeminismus ist nicht modern
38. cyberfeminismus ist nicht post-modern
39. cyberfeminism is not natural
40. cyberfeminism is not essentialist
41. cyberfeminism is not abject
42. cyberfeminism is not an avatar
43. cyberfeminism is not an alter ego
44. cyberfeminismus ist nicht truegerisch
45. cyberfeminismus ist nicht billig
46. cyberfeminismus ist nicht willig
47. cyberfeminisme n'est pas jaloux
48. cyberfeminism is not exclusive
49. cyberfeminism is not solid
50. cyberfeminism is not genetic
51. cyberfeminismus ist keine entschuldigung
52. cyberfeminism is not prosthetic
53. cyberfeminismo no tiene cojones
54. cyberfeminisme n'est pas triste
55. cyberfeminisme n'est pas une pipe
56. cyberfeminism is not a motherboard
57. cyberfeminism is not a fake
58. cyberfeminism nije ogranicen
59. cyberfeminism nije nekonfliktan
60. cyberfeminism nije make up
61. cyberfeminism nije zatvoren prozor
62. cyberfeminism is not a lack
63. cyberfeminism is not a wound
64. cyberfeminism is not a trauma
65. cyberfeminismo no es una banana
66. cyberfeminism is not a sure shot
67. cyberfeminism is not an easy mark
68. cyberfeminism is not a single woman
69. cyberfeminism is not romantic
70. cyberfeminism is not post-modern
71. cyberfeminism is not a media-hoax
72. cyberfeminism is not neutral
73. cyberfeminism is not lacanian
74. cyberfeminism is not nettime
75. cyberfeminism is not a picnic
76. cyberfeminism is not a coldfish
77. cyberfeminism is not a cyberepilation
78. cyberfeminism is not a horror movie
79. cyberfeminism is not science fiction
80. cyberfeminism is not artificial intelligence
81. cyberfeminism is not an empty space
82. cyberfeminism is not immobile
83. cyberfeminism is not about boring toys for boring boys
84. cyberfeminismus ist keine verlegenheitsloesung
85. cyberfeminism is not a one-way street
86. cyberfeminism is not supporting quantum mechanics
87. cyberfeminism is not caffeine-free
88. cyberfeminism is not a non-smoking area
89. cyberfeminism is not daltonistic
90. cyberfeminism is not nice
91. cyberfeminismo no es callado
92. cyberfeminism is not lady.like
93. cyberfeminismus ist nicht arrogant
94. cyberfeminismus ist keine nudelsauce
95. cyberfeminism is not mythical
96. cyberfeminism is not from outer space
97. cyberfeminismo no es rock 'n roll
98. cyberfeminism is not dogmatic
99. cyberfeminism is not stable
100. cyberfeminism has not only one language

“Create your own Cyberfeminism, and you will find out the truth about it.”

“The Truth About Cyberfeminism”, Cornelia Sollfrank, 1998.
“Cyberfeminism, technology and International Development”, Radhika Gajjala and Annapurna Mamidipudi, 1999.
“Domain Errors: Cyberfeminist Practices”, Maria Fernandez, Faith Wilding, Michelle M. Wright, 2002.
“Is Cyberfeminism Colorblind?” Maria Fernandez, 2002.
“Cyberfeminism 2.0”, Radhika Gajjala, Yeon Ju Oh, 2012.


“Not every artist’s generation is in the lucky position of witnessing the birth of a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world, its communications, economy, politics, and art.”
Early Cyberfeminist ambitions may appear outdated in a "post­Internet" context, but they are more relevant than ever; […] as a term and as a collectivity, Cyberfeminism can and must bring women together, to inspire and to grow creative and critical work.

Cornelia Sollfrank, “Revisiting Cyberfeminism”, Artpapers issue May/June 2015.
2.0, blogs participatifs (ici Paye Ta Shnek, 2012).
OOMK (One Of My Kind) issue 4, The Internet. ~( ̆ ̬ ̆~) Editor: Sofia Niazi. Pictures: Isaac Kariuki, 2015.
OOMK (One Of My Kind) issue 4, The Internet, 2015.
Jennifer Chan, The Art Bro Flowchart, 2014.

“I don’t think I’m optimistic about the Internet starting revolutions unless people really meet IRL, but it certainly helps with creating awareness about feminist issues.”

Jennifer Chan, “Towards a New Digital Landscape – Representation, Erasure, and the Future of Digital Art”, Kimberly Drew, walkerart.org
Tabita Rezaire, AFRO CYBER RESISTANCE, 2014.
Gabby Cepeda, GIM girls of the ~internet museum, 2012-…
Martine Syms, The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto, 2015.