Just For The

Exhibition at Le Casier, Brussels

It ain’t just the web, it’s the way we spin it… is an excerpt from the songbook of the anti-nuclear women peace camp of Greenham Common, which started in 1981 and is still full of resonnances today.

Building upon what we’ve been working on the last years, we are exploring new formats to address the intersections between gender and the way history gets written, spoken, drawn, shouted…

You are very welcome to the opening of our temporary installation next Wednesday at 18:00! After this, you can still find out what is inside the locker until the 3rd of June by asking for the key at ERG’s reception desk.

24.05.2018 – 3.06.2018
Opening 23.06.2018 at 18h00
Le Casier (ERG, rue du Page 87)