Just For The

OCT-DEC 2017
Chanting & Recording
at Beursschouwburg Brussels

Chanting in its many forms, as protest slogans, as persistant repetition, as storytelling, as songs of ritual and as a tool that bonds several indiviuals into one entity. Recording because oral sources will need to be included in how we write history today, and recordings from our pionneers let us understand history better. Seeing how marginalized groups have long been exempted from written publications, but have spread their stories in other ways, we need to put care into rethinking what we consider credible sources for writing history.

With the help of guest speakers and performers we will look into chants, alternative history sources and ways to decolonise views on source credibility. Wikipedia will be used to varying degrees in these events, depending on the guest and the subject at hand, but we invite you to enjoy a mix of input and output, addressing oral history and its importance as a narrative and collective practice. Feminist chants and slogans will guide us in the editing of Wikipedia pages, to add missing narratives to the polyphonic collaborative encyclopedia.

Chanting and Recording part 1
18.10.2017 - 18:00

Chanting and Recording part 2
22.11.2017 - 18:00
with Azahara Ubera performing Zinneke

Chanting and Recording part 3
20.12.2017 - 18:00

20-28 A. Ortsstraat street, Brussels

Azahara Ubera